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Archaeologists are professionals who excavate sites and studies the remnants of past civilizations to identify, interpret, analyze, and understand historical events. The career of an archaeologist is based on individual interest for exploring the past and the excitement involved in re-discovering the past. Passion and dedication to researching historical objects, collecting data, and interpreting findings to obtain a deeper understanding of the past are the primary requirements to success in this profession. The work of an archaeologist involves the study and interpretation of social structures, political events, economic environment and cultural aspects associated with the ancient civilizations.

The work of an archaeologist involves educational and research work. It also involves extensive travelling and fieldwork. An archaeologist may undertake excavation work and collection of historical facts and data or choose to train students on how to become a good archaeologist. Archaeologists may choose to work in museums, universities, or any research institutes.

Responsibilities & Skills

The archaeologists contribute to a wider and deeper understanding of our past and preserving our heritage. They undertake the restoration and preservation of historical monuments, heritage sites and objects or artifacts that reflect the historical aspects of specific periods. The archaeologist is responsible for undertaking surveys, planning excavations, collecting historical facts, data, interpreting findings, researching evidences and producing reports that provide a deeper insight into the past events.
- Attention to detail and inquisitive mind
- Passion for finding and exploring events from the past
- Ability to analyze and interpret data and findings from research

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in history/archaeology

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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