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Nannies are in-house care providers for young children. They specialize in childcare and strive to bring up young kids in a loving and nurturing environment. They act as companions, teachers and playmates for children during the initial growing up years of a child. A nanny should always maintain a positive attitude towards children and generate positive vibes giving physical, social, emotional and intellectual care so children grow up as responsible and loving citizens. Many parents prefer to hire nannies to look after their children because it is an affordable option to daycare facilities. Parents should take great care to check on the nanny's background before hiring because it is the safe and stimulating environment the nanny provides for the child that will allow him to love and care for his own parents, and also grow as morally and socially responsible citizens. It goes without saying that the nanny should be honest and trustworthy. Nannies usually work for 40-60 hours a week.

Responsibilities & Skills

The responsibilities of the nanny will depend on what the household expects of her. Sometimes, she will have to help with household chores and housekeeping too. Basically, her responsibilities include nurturing the child, providing adequate care and comfort, planning the daily schedule of the child, teaching the child to understand his basic necessities and keep children's area neat, clean and tidy. Generally, she should do all the tasks that will essentially be good for the child in her care.

- Loving and caring
- Firm, but pleasant
- A good sense of what is right and wrong
- Ability to sense what is good for the child
- Assertive enough

Required Qualifications

  • Training in early child care
  • Physically fit to look after young children

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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