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This industry deals with organizing cleanliness within a specific place, whether it in an office building, a home, or even public places like shopping malls. Most employers domestic help and cleaning staff on a contractual basis depending on the offered services. Although there are some who offer specialized services, the most basic job description of cleaners is to manage and maintain a clean environment.

Jobs in this industry are commonly preferred for part time work since working hours are mostly flexible and no specific educational attainment is needed. But of course, one must possess a healthy and able body that can handle hard labour. Before being hired, unlike other jobs, potential workers are judged more for their skills rather than their academic achievement.

Responsibilities & Skills

The most basic responsibilities of cleaners is to tidy up the garbage, cleanse the surrounding area of dust and other dirty materials, and then proceed to polishing the area to a neat and orderly manner. A thorough knowledge of how cleaning equipments work is also needed so work can be done faster and more effectively.
• Efficiency in cleaning different areas
• Time management skills
• A good sense of honesty and professionalism when working

Required Qualifications

  • Adequate training in cleaning courses
  • Healthy and capable body
  • Good operational knowledge of domestic cleaning appliances

Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L


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