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A prominent city in northern Karnataka, Dharwad has always served as a rest on various trade routes that run across Southern India. Dharwad is uniquely positioned in-between the resource rich and mountainous Malnad area and the sophisticated economies and trading ports in the plains and the coastal areas.

This has turned Dharwad and its sister city of Hubli into bustling trading ports for agricultural products such as cotton, groundbut, oilseeds as well as mineral resources like manganese ore and granite and other stones. The economy of Dharwad now boasts industries of its own as well, including a Tata commercial vehicle manufacturing facility, as well as a network of thousands of small and medium industries in electrical and machine tools, and various other products. There is also a growing service and IT sector in the city.

The main attractions in the city include the architectural beauty of Chandramouleshwara Temple, and the various hills and lakes in the area.

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