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Popularly known as "The Millenium City", Cuttack is the commercial capital of the state of Orissa and generates substantial income for the state through its trading activities. Cuttack is most famous for its silver handicrafts and textile manufacturing.

The trading activity complements the large scale and small scale industries in the city. The former including steel, power, alloys, and the latter consisting of textiles and handicrafts. The craftsmanship of the silver handicrafts in particular have been highly noted since time immemorial. Cuttack also plays an important role as a logistical hub along the Kolkata-Chennai rail and road routes. Agriculture remains the mainstay of the economy, with the area known for its agricultural productivity and quality and flavour of horticultural products. A large number of offices, both private and public sector, are still located in Cuttack, and the service economy remains an important part of the economy.

Some of its best attractions include the Chandi temple, Uttareshwar temple and the Mahanadi River. Dussehra celebrations in the city are not to be missed.

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