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A person creative to his core and can draw fine pictures can apply to the post of an illustrator. An illustrator makes sketches of different concepts explained to him by his employer or client, perfect them until they become fit for publishing. These illustrations may or may not be accompanied by content, and published in various media. The creative and art skills with which he is endowed with will make his services extremely valuable to advertising agencies, publishing houses, newspapers, magazines, film production companies, fashion and IT companies. An illustrator can either work in his own studio or at the company he is employed with. The working hours are usually normal, but when there are time constraints to finish a project, he might have to work overtime and during weekends. An illustrator should have creative skills by nature and to develop and polish those skills he can take specialist courses. Combine drawing skills with imagination and visualisation skills, the illustrator becomes hugely successful in his career.

Responsibilities & Skills

The main responsibility of the illustrator would be to draw or paint sketches that will eventually be published by various channels in the media. He should follow the specific instructions he receives from employers/clients, and discuss the progress of sketches with them to make sure he concedes to their demands. Having relevant computer skills to use CAD or computer aided design package is definitely an added advantage. It is thus the duty of the illustrator to translate the dreams of his client/employer to paper.

• Drawing skills
• Creative imagination
• Visualizer
• Ability to comprehend demands
• Critical thinking
• Logical reasoning
• Active listening skills

Required Qualifications

  • MA/Diploma in Graphic Design/Fine Art
  • Training in Visual Arts
  • Course in Illustration

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Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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