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A Graphic Designer draws and renders sketch and images, and/or creates 3D models using specific software and computing tools. As technology evolves, Graphic Designers have to orient their training towards 3D imaging and modeling, and 3D printing is become very big all over the world.
A Graphic Designer can either work alone as an independent if he can afford the software and decent hardware required for his activity, but is most usually hired by firm or a company. Applications of the products created and the services rendered by a Graphic Designer go from simple web page items to engineering or media productions. Although wages have started to slightly decrease lately with the surge of technology making this job available to a lot of people, good Graphic Designers are in big demand and the future of this job seems very bright.

Responsibilities & Skills

A Graphic Designer has to reproduce or conceive a product or equipment using various computing and electronic tools, so along with the basic designing skills, technical knowledge in one or multiple fields is preferred. Generally, a Graphic Designer will be asked to:
• Work in a team on the whole design process of a product or equipment
• Be able to analyze and discuss technical matters not necessarily directly related to Designing, such as functionality aspects
• Master one or multiple designing software (Autodesk products, Adobe products, D’Assault Systèmes products, Google Sketchup, etc.)

Required Qualifications

  • Computer Assisted Design course
  • 3D modeling course
  • Technical training

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Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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