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Fashion designing is a highly innovative field and perfect for people who are extremely creative and have an eye for detail. The job is so challenging that to stay successful and popular, the designer needs to have a great sense of style and come up with new ideas constantly. As people with new ideas stream in, the designer has to stay on the competitive edge all the time, relaxing only when he has been able to produce top class results. A successful designer will remain alert at all stages of production right from visualization of the clothing to its conceptualization and eventual execution. While he is driver by creativity, the fashion designer must have an extremely good business sense too. Without understanding the nuances of budget, promotions and sales, he cannot become successful, commercially. Fashion designers are in great demand in clothing stores, offices, workrooms, advertising agencies, films, weddings, stage shows, event management companies and factories. With sufficient experience, the fashion designer can open his own boutique.

Responsibilities & Skills

The responsibilities of a fashion designer include thinking up new concepts, making sketches on paper or computer (also called CAD, Computer-aided design). He has to discuss with the buyers and develop new concepts or make modifications to existing ones. At times, he will have to negotiate with customers and suppliers to produce garments according to popular demand. It is often within the realm of duty of the fashion designer to decide on the price of the garments he produced.

• Good observation skills
• Visualization at its best
• Updated on the latest trends
• Knowledge about different kinds of textiles

Required Qualifications

  • Degree from Apparel training and Design Centre, India
  • Degree from National institute of Fashion Design, India/National Institute of Design, India

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Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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