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Belgaum is the fourth largest city in the Southern state of Karnataka. It is the capital of the Belgaum district which borders Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. Due to its geographical status, belgaum has a unique and diverse culture, that incorporates elements from all the three states. It is also known as the Rice Bowl of north karnataka.

The economy of Belgaum is well developed and diversified. It is the second large source of exports from the state, after Bangalore. Its main product is its agricultural and husbandry produce, including rice, wheat, fruits, various meats, poultry and fish. Other important imports include wood, from the verdant rain fed forests in the area, and various minerals, most importantly bauxite. Belgaum also has a large presence of heavy machine tool manufacturing plants, and is infact the main centre for foundries in the state. It has always been on the main textile production and trading centres in the state as well. The city mainly trades commodities, textiles, and industrial goods, largely with the auto mobile industry.

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