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Amritsar, housing the famous Golden Temple, is the spiritual center for the Sikh religion. The Golden Temple is one of the top tourism destinations in the country attracting more than a lakh visitors on a single day.

Commerce in the city is based around tourism, textile, agricultural exports, handicrafts, and various other small industries. Amritsar is also very well known for its rich cuisine, and colourful culture and practices.

Tourism, the main industry, is based largely around the Golden Temple, but Amritsar also had a hand to play in some of the most major turning points in India's history. The infamous Jallianwala Bagh massacre happened here, and the site of the tragedy is now open to public. Also, during the partition of India, Amritsar was particularly badly hit; through its diversity in population and proximity to the new India-Pakistan border, the city saw a massive demographic change, cultural upheaval, and communal violence right through the partition era.

The city remains at the heart of Punjab’s tourism industry and is one of the most friendly places to visit.

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