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A school administrator manages the activities related to the running of a school. While the teachers and students may seem all important when one thinks of a school, the administrator has an equally important role to play. It becomes their role to ensure that the school maintains its ratings in the inspections of the higher bodies. Day-to-day activities of the school , meteing out new admissions to deserving students , managing the staff affairs , representing the school at various meetings are all duties of a school administrator.

Responsibilities & Skills

As the name suggests, the most important requirement of this role is to be an efficient administrator. The Administrator is usually the Chief Controller of the School and reports to the Principal directly above them.The responsibilities vary according to the kind of school but are more or less similar. The work involves committee work formulating task groups, work forces. Recruitment of new teachers and non-teaching staff may come under the ambit of the administrator.Contributions to policy making, planning for the school's expansion, ensuring general upkeep of the campus are all works of the administrator.The administrator will also have to purchase orders, process invoices, maintain the budget for the annual year and organize a wide range of educational and social activities .

Required Qualifications

  • Graduate in any degree
  • Previous experience in administration

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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