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The office manager has a wide range of duties to perform, depending on the type of management he is working for. Irrespective of the size of the corporation, it is the duty of the office manger to organize, plan, perform and supervise all the administrative functions that a company needs to run smoothly. Depending on the nature of organization he is working for, he will also have to perform IT related functions. He is thus the 'key man' in the company, overseeing the business and keeping a critical eye on its progress. He will have to co-ordinate with his team members and allocate tasks to each of them, making sure they understand them and perform accordingly. He plays a major role in selecting and laying off employees within his department. If he works for a huge corporation, then he will have one or two co-managers with whom he will share the responsibility.

Responsibilities & Skills

The office manager has a diverse range of functions. Right from hiring employees to allocating tasks and performing administrative tasks he is also responsible for firing inefficient employees. On behalf of his administrative duties, the office manager has to assign clerical and secretarial duties to each of his employees, supervise them, motivate, train and evaluate their performance on a regular basis. He will have to co-ordinate long distance telephone calls and keep a log of all communication and correspondence that ever happened. In short, the responsibilities of the manager are a mix of clerical, secretarial, financial and administrative duties.
Keen analytical mind
Organizational capabilities
Ability to motivate and inspire
Impeccable communication skills

Required Qualifications

  • Degree in Commerce and Management
  • Proficiency in English and preferably certain regional languages
  • Knowledge in office administration

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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