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Investment bankers are people who provide advice to their clients regarding different financial matters, including information on mergers, acquisitions, fund and debt management. Banks prefer to hire investment bankers who work hard, are dedicated and posses a great deal of perseverance. They might have to deal with several high-pressure situations and still work to their optimal level. An investment banker will have to juggle many things at a time and still prove he is capable at all his tasks. Only a person good at multi-tasking will be able to perform to the level expected by investment companies. With selfless devotion and work, he will be able to achieve the goals set by his company, because if he is to be successful as an investment banker, he has to see himself as a team player and not as an individual achiever. He will have to work with investment analysts and associations and so the banker must be capable of nourishing in a team environment.

Responsibilities & Skills

Within the realm of duties for an investment banker, lies his capability to gather, analyse and interpret complex numerical data (of stocks and bonds), analyse, compare and predict financial risks, and based on this information provide investment advice and tactics to companies. Whenever companies are acquired or is interested in merging with another, the investment banker will guide them through the process, and educate them on deal structuring and instruct them on potential loss and gains the company will have to face.

• Analytic skills
• Good at teamwork
• Problem-solving skills
• Skilled at interpersonal communication
• Ability to work under pressure

Required Qualifications

  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Cost and Works Accountancy
  • MBA with specialisation in finance
  • Bachelor of Commerce degree
  • In-depth understanding of the financial market as stated by Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

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Average salary

Rs 0L
Rs 50L

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