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Accountants are professionals who oversee and maintain company accounts and keep a track of money flows within an organization. Through their adept numerical skills they ensure that the numbers add up to accurately reflect a picture of a business’ operations, its financial viability and ethical obligations. The firm’s accountants analyze financial statements, compute taxes, and ensure that the company’s statements are in compliance with financial audit guidelines. This can be a daunting task given the complexity of the taxation policies and accounting frameworks.

Accountants play an important role in steering the financial success of the business by providing a forward-looking view of the business operations based on the existing operations and their future viability. It is the accountant who presents the financial data of the company in the form of intelligent reports that provide the base for corporate decision making and strategic planning.

Responsibilities & Skills

Qualifications and work experience feature as a top consideration as the nature of accountants’ responsibilities depends on their qualifications and work experience. The accountants contribute to business success through their expertise in managing financial resources and deploying these resources to develop business capabilities. The roles and responsibilities of an accountant thus include collating financial data, preparing financial reports, reconciling reports to ensure accuracy, analyze statements to identify the profitability and the financial viability of the firm’s operations.
- Adept in handling numbers and analyzing financial data
- Eye for detail is a valuable attribute for this job
- Collaboration and communication are much needed assets for effective performance as accountants

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelors or Masters degree in Finance from any recognized university
  • Masters degree or diploma in management with specialization in finance from any business school or university
  • Qualified chartered accountants, cost accountants or company secretaries

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