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Is your favourite IPL team among the most affordable?

Cricket fever is sweeping the nation once again, with the Indian Premier League (IPL) well underway and passionate fans packing the stadiums. The juggernaut competition is in its twelfth year and all eyes are on the reigning champions as the Chennai Super Kings defend their title. Unfortunately for some fans, the price of admission will Continued »

How to catch millennials

Generally understood to be those in their 20s to 30s, millennials make up the largest segment of India’s workforce. Despite often having short and scattered work histories, they are often equipped with the skills that many older employees do not possess. To gain a competitive edge in today’s labour market, businesses must adapt to changing Continued »

How much more do world leaders earn in comparison to their citizens?

Income inequality is on the rise in India, according to an Oxfam report released in January. The greater amount of national income going to an increasingly smaller percentage of individuals in both developed and developing countries has contributed to the political upheaval in recent years. With the general election approaching, analysed how much more Prime Minister Continued »

Four inspirational Indian women you should know

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Adzuna is honouring these four trailblazing women who are changing the game of business in India. Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo, on the importance of listening: “There are always people with ideas for how we can do things differently – ideas we may not want to hear. But I’ve Continued »

Top 5 jobs you can do from home

Working from home is becoming an increasingly popular career choice, and it’s easy to see why. For some, it’s a way of fitting professional commitments around a busy family schedule, and for others, it serves to maximise productivity by cutting out time wasted on daily commute. Whatever the individual circumstances, today’s widespread internet access has Continued »

Found love in the workplace? One-third of Indians have

As Valentine’s Day approaches, new data has revealed that Indian workplaces can spark the beginnings of romance. A new survey from Adzuna has found that one-third of Indians (33%) have had a romantic relationship with a colleague, while almost half (47%) are open to the idea of dating someone from their workplace. In it for the Continued »

Meet Bibata, our Student of the Year 2018!

Thousands of students from around the world vied for the title of Adzuna’s Student of the Year 2018. While the number of applications was higher than ever, one student has nevertheless stood out. Adzuna is pleased to announce that the winner is… Bibata Amadou Sala Assane Bibata is currently studying Engineering, specialising in Environment – Continued »

What is the highest paid foreign language in India?

In a country as culturally diverse as India, it pays to be multilingual. A recent study by Adzuna has reviewed over 2.5 lakh job postings to reveal which languages will help you land a higher paying role. Chinese is the highest paid language Of the 10 languages analysed, Chinese speakers are the highest paid, earning Continued »

Student of the Year 2018 – meet the finalists!

Over the last few months, Adzuna have received thousands of incredible entries from students across the globe, all hoping for the coveted title of ‘Student of the Year 2018’. After months of deliberation, we have whittled it down to the following 11 candidates: Bowen Guan – UK University: University College London, Imperial College London Bowen Continued »