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5 Ways To Win at Email Etiquette

Long gone are the traditional days of letter writing and the formal etiquette than went hand-in-hand with it. Today writing and sending emails has become the norm both in every day life and for job recruiters. Consequently, recruiters receive a tidal wave of emails every day. Even the most seemingly insignificant email etiquette fail can take you out the running for that new job.

The art of email communication is vital. It says a lot about your attitude towards your work and how you will interact with colleagues and clients. Imagine yourself as the hiring manager or recruiter. With your email inbox growing by the second, the simplest mistake can turn you off. It looks unprofessional and lazy. Here are 5 top email etiquette tips for job seekers to help you get that dream job.

1. Read and Re-Read the Instructions

When you’re applying for a job make sure you read and re-read the submission instructions. The hiring manager is likely to ask you to follow a few very simple instructions such as “include your name and the job title in the subject” or “respond to these three questions in the content of your email”. This may be easy to overlook we know, but don’t. Slow down and read everything carefully. No matter how good your resume is or how qualified you are for the job. If you fall at this first hurdle your application is dead in the water.

2. Say Goodbye to

We all had them at some point, that first cheesy email address. While they served us well in our youth and it is now time to say goodbye. You need and email that reflects your maturity and professionalism. We recommend using a combination of your first and second name. This not only says you are mature and professional but also tells recruiters who you are.

3. Spell Check

This is the biggest and most sinful email etiquette fail. Check and double check your grammar and spelling. For some recruiters, there is nothing more unforgivable. Don’t depend on the automatic auto-correct or spell check. It is not always 100% accurate and probably won’t catch easy grammar fails such as ‘their or there’.

4. Keep It Short

Recruiters are rich in emails and poor in time. Keep your emails short and concise. You can be as descriptive and detailed as you like in your interview, telling your interviewer about your fascinating background (we don’t recommend this). However, we believe less is more when it comes to email etiquette. Show that you can express yourself in a brief but comprehensive email. It will reflect well on you as a potential employee.

5. Use Proper Etiquette

Saving the best for last, remember to use proper email etiquette. Avoid overusing exclamation marks and capital letters – it will get your application noticed for the wrong reasons. You wouldn’t send a handwritten letter with pretty drawings and stickers so don’t practice it in the virtual world. Smilies, emoticons and abbreviated or shorten language are a huge No No!