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Found love in the workplace? One-third of Indians have


As Valentine’s Day approaches, new data has revealed that Indian workplaces can spark the beginnings of romance.

A new survey from Adzuna has found that one-third of Indians (33%) have had a romantic relationship with a colleague, while almost half (47%) are open to the idea of dating someone from their workplace.

In it for the long-term

The research also showed that Indian’s who start an office romance are more likely to commit to the relationship long-term.

Of the one-third (33%) of respondents who have dated somebody from the office, 45% said the romantic relationship happened gradually over time.

Interestingly, most workplace relationships are no casual affair, with one-third (36%) of those work romances lasting over a year.

Only 6% of respondents reported a workplace romance that lasted just one night, and 9% reported a fling that lasted under a month.

Almost two-thirds of relationships that began in the workplace reached the dating stage (61%), with one-fifth progressing to living together (20%) and 10% ultimately getting married.

Over a quarter of those who have had a work romance did so with somebody in a higher position than them (29%), and almost two-thirds said their superiority contributed to their attractiveness (63%).

As for who’s lucky in love? More than a third of male respondents (38%) had been romantically involved with a colleague, compared to just over a quarter of females (29%).

Keeping professional and personal life separate

While the research found that almost half of respondents did not have policies surrounding dating in their workplace (47%), 80% of Indians still had to keep their relationship secret at some point.

This may explain why 69% of respondents did not resign due to their workplace romance, and over half were not treated any differently at work because of their relationship (56%).

For some people, these relationships had benefits other than just love – 28% of those who had dated someone in the workplace said they were treated better because of the relationship.

Few have suffered the consequences due to their office romance. Only 11% resigned because the relationship went sour, but 20% made the ultimate sacrifice, resigning because they felt it was best for their relationship to succeed.

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